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Julie Morgan MS for Cardiff North

Whitchurch library group wins funding for local heritage walks

Julie Morgan MS has offered her congratulations to the Whitchurch group Awen @ The Library group which has been awarded more than £8,000 by the National Lottery Heritage Fund to start bringing local heritage in the village to life.

The funding boost is part of the "15 Minute Heritage" scheme with grants awarded to organisations in Wales by the National Lottery Heritage Fund to encourage engagement with local heritage.

Nigel-Marc-Julie-Awen-Heritage-Walk-400pix.jpgThe 'Walking Whitchurch Heritage' project will bring local history to life by creating a series of waymarked walks around the village, bringing to life characters from the distant and recent past, revealing the rich history of the area.

The walks will be defined with a series of permanent Heritage Storyboards around the village, and smaller way-markers and plaques for specific locations.

Heritage boards to be permanent reminder of historical exploits

The boards will be a permanent visual memory of those ‘local heroes’ who have given their lives in time of war; dedicated their lives to creative arts; played an important role in the sporting life of Wales and worked in the community.

Each storyboard will have photographs and bilingual text, as well as links to further digital information which will continue to be updated beyond the life of the project.